Workplace Health Promotion Grant

The Workplace Health Promotion, commonly known as WHP is a funding scheme that is being offered by HPB, the Health Promotion Board. Organisations can get financial support from here to begin and to sustain the health programmed conducted at their workplace. Any organization that is registered in Singapore with a minimum of five paid employees can apply for the WHP Grant.


The WHP Grant covers the three important components of health, namely General Health, Targeted Interventions and Mental Health – the main components of workplace health and fitness. This has dual advantages as this health and fitness seeps into employees’ daily life and they remain healthy both at work and at home.


When it comes to general health, this grant can be used for several health screening, training, physical activities and the purchase of health and fitness equipment. Targeted Interventions is another crucial part of corporate fitness. This includes weight management programmes, smoking cessation programmes and chronic disease management programmes. Good mental health is as important as physical health, if not more. Employee counseling, talks and workshops to educate employees on mental health and several workplace mental health promotion activities are all targeted at improving the mental health of employees.

To apply for the WHP Grant, all an organization needs to do is to submit the necessary documents to HPB. Within 30 days of the application, organisations will receive a notification of the outcome of the application. The disbursement of the Grant will take place after the completion of the project. Necessary documents have to be submitted when seeking disbursement.